The Kama Sutra of Marketing | Why Positioning is Key to Content Marketing

Think about how you use these common brand names to describe a basic need or function:

  • (product category: CRM)
  • Google (product category: search)
  • Kleenex (product category: facial tissue)
  • Hubspot (product category: marketing automation)

If you’ve ever used these words to describe a product category, you have been influenced by brand positioning. This happens when a brand is either the first or best to occupy a particular space, idea, concept or product segment. The brand becomes a synonym for the very thing that it does.

Real brand leaders don’t just own market share. They own an idea. They find a “gap” in a marketplace that is new or underserved, and then fill that gap with a product or service offering that captures mindshare. The key difference for today’s marketers is that where past brand leaders relied on traditional marketing to win minds, today’s savvy marketers use strategic content marketing.

The challenge of successful content marketing is not simply to churn out lots of content. It’s to find the gap and own it.

This session covers the essentials of positioning for content marketing and will help you understand:

  • The importance of having a focused content strategy
  • How positioning dictates content strategy and structure
  • How various companies build traffic-generating content on sound positioning

Be prepared to walk away ready to find your positioning opportunity using original content.