Who IS Waldo? | Defining Your Buyer for Effective Content Marketing

Most people would agree that understanding your buyer or prospective customer is critical to effective marketing.

Okay… but do you REALLY know your buyer?

Based on the companies we’ve worked with, most people say yes. In other words, “just talk to the sales team and they’ll tell you everything you need to know.” But a lot of what your average company knows about their customers doesn’t run all that deep. Sure, you may have demographic data and maybe even know customers’ buying triggers. You may even have defined customer segments.

But seriously… What makes your customers tick? What excites them? What motivates their loyalty and, most importantly, inspires the TRUST necessary for a long-term business relationship?

The answers to these questions will help you create buyer personas around which you can build a successful content marketing effort. Because what’s most important in developing seriously effective content is not so much demographics, but psychographics.

This session covers the essentials of developing buyer personas and will help you understand:

  • Why gaining deeper psychological insight into your buyer is a must for content marketing
  • The different roles different customers play in the buying process
  • The difference between FUNNEL questions and AUTHORITY questions
  • How to prepare a buyer persona profile that can be shared with your leadership and marketing teams