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Traffic takes training seriously. With so many disciplines necessary to boosting online visibility, we are committed to offering our expertise and experience. The Traffic team regularly speaks and presents on all topics related to online marketing, lead generation and brand visibility. Here, you’ll find the resources you need to stay ahead of the game.

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Laying the Groundwork: The Who, What and Why of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Every facet of digital marketing – lead generation, SEO, social media – starts with having a clear and effective content strategy. Probably no marketing phrase has been more overused and less explained than “content is king,” because it’s not about having the most content or even the “best” content. Right from the beginning, it’s vital to establish the right context for your content. WHO is your content for, WHAT should it be about, and WHY is it important? This content marketing strategy session covers the essentials of establishing context to create compelling content.
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Who IS Waldo? Defining Your Buyer for Effective Content Marketing

Most people would agree that understanding your buyer or prospective customer is vital to effective marketing. However, a lot of what your average company knows about their customers doesn’t run all that deep. Sure, you may have demographic data and maybe even know customers’ buying triggers. But do you really know what makes your customers tick? What excites them? What motivates their loyalty and, most importantly, inspires the TRUST necessary for a long-term relationship? The answers to these questions will help you create buyer personas around which you can build a successful content marketing effort. (Hint: It’s about psychographics, not demographics!)
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The Kama Sutra of Marketing: Why Positioning is Key to Defining Your Content Strategy

Think about how you use common brand names to describe a basic need or function: (category: CRM); Google (category: search); and of course Kleenex (category: facial tissue). If you’ve ever used a brand name to describe a product category, you have been influenced by brand positioning. Real brand leaders don’t just own market share. They own an idea. The key difference for today’s marketers is that where past brand leaders relied on traditional marketing to capture minds, today’s savvy marketers use strategic content marketing. This session explains how the challenge of successful content marketing is not simply to churn out lots of great content. It’s to find the gap and own it.
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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Building Your Content Marketing Team

How do you create a content marketing team that runs like a well-oiled machine? It’s probably the question we get asked most often. And rightfully so. Having an effective content strategy won’t mean much unless you can put it into action. Building an effective content team will allow you to not only publish more content but higher quality content. The well-constructed team will have everyone playing a particular role and focused on the right tasks. This webinar-on-demand session will help you understand the required roles on your content team, the importance of a managing editor, and basic ideas around workflow.
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