Is Your Website Performing?

SEO is predicated on competition. How well does your website stack up in the search engine rankings against your competitors? Is it positioned to perform? What opportunities are you missing? And what changes do you need to enact to not only gain traction, but actual ranking?

Conducting an audit or assessment of your website’s overall health and ability to perform — its ability to generate traffic and leads — is an essential element to any serious marketing effort.

TrafficPRM’s SEO audit service go deep to create the right plan for your site. As opposed to other consultants and search shops that offer “free” assessments, our in-depth analysis evaluates your website from several angles, looking at critical topical areas such as content strategy and content quality, in addition to the important structural elements such as coding and your site’s link profile.

Our in-depth SEO audit checklist covers these elements:

On-Site [Content] Analysis
It all starts with content. Does your site have enough to compete? Is your content high quality enough to gain Google’s favor and those of your readers? As diehard SEO specialists who stay on top of the latest changes to search algorithms, we place a special emphasis on the reason your visitors come to your site in the first place, which is content. We also look at design and user experience, as elements that can either help or hurt search efforts.

Technical Analysis
You need a well-coded, “clean” site that makes it easy for Google and the other search engines to find, index and rank your content. No tricks, no gimmicks. A structurally sound website, free of broken links, pages errors and excess code, is the price of admission in today’s organic search game. Our aim is a website that’s legible website for machines as well as humans.

Competitive Benchmarking
Because SEO is inherently a competitive sport, we look at your competitors to see how and where they are ranking, as well as those companies or organizations you may not have realized you were competing against. We ask key questions like, do these sites have quality content, and what will it take to beat them?

Link Profile
Content has caught up with linkbuilding as a key pillar of SEO, but links still matter. And, as with content, quality links matter more than quantity. We look to see what you links you have, what links you need and what additional links can help to establish and maintain a strong Domain Authority.

Off Site Analysis
Context is critically important to how search engines rank your site. In addition to links, what else are you “saying” to Google through your marketing activity? Are you getting positive press coverage? Are you getting rave reviews from customers? And, above all, are you “social” — are you active on social media, and are you building social media communities?

Crafting a successful, traffic-worthy website takes more than development knowledge. It’s a multi-disciplinary effort that requires the right partner to put together.

Building or refining an existing website without an SEO assessment is akin to flying a plane without a flight plan. Call Traffic today to learn how our SEO audit checklist can benefit your business.