SEO is constantly changing. Is your

website keeping up?

St. Louis SEO agency

Traffic focuses on making clients searchable and discoverable through organic search engine optimization (SEO). We are search engine specialists who combine content creation and coding expertise to deliver results.

SEO is a vital part of today’s marketing mix. For many companies and organizations, it constitutes the vast majority of their lead generation efforts. The bottom line is that potential customers must be able to find a product, service or solution when they need to. Natural or organic search engine optimization is about garnering prime Web real estate on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), or the primary search results, without having to pay for them. It’s about rising to the top based on the strength of good content, and making sure that other websites link to that content.

Unlike other search engine marketing consultants, Traffic follows a rigorous process to make sure that our clients achieve page one rankings for their most relevant keywords. We work with clients to determine their search priorities. We identify the most effective keywords and keyword phrases and help develop content around them. We evaluate websites and landing pages to make sure that they are optimized for search, and that they can keep visitors’ attention once they arrive. And we develop linkbuilding strategies that are essential to building “Google juice.”

SEO Audit

Every client engagement begins with an SEO audit to help us understand where a client is starting from. We conduct a thorough analysis to assess the online landscape and determine the challenges and opportunities in achieving search engine visibility. The audit covers a deep analysis of clients’ websites and those of their competitors, and helps to determine the scope and speed of any online marketing program. For a more complete summary of our SEO audit service, click here.

Content Strategy for SEO

The search engines are constantly innovating to produce the very best results. More than ever, achieving search rank depends on your site having a strong and compelling content strategy. Our background as expert content creators and marketing strategists gives us the ability to craft the right message and the right content for clients in a diverse range of industries.

Keyword Research and Discovery

We’re crazy about keyword research. If companies fail to zero in on exactly the right keywords and keyword phrases, all of the time and effort invested in SEO efforts will fail. Traffic understands that the keyword research process is as much about critical thinking and collaboration as it is about machines and software. For more about keyword research, click here.

Website Optimization

Simply having a list of the right keywords is not enough. To be fully optimized, a website must align content, keywords, code and metadata. Optimizing content, or inserting keywords into site copy and other assets, is both an art and a science. Traffic’s website optimization process ensures that your site is searchable and discoverable by adhering to SEO best practices.

Local Search Optimization

Small and medium businesses often focus on specific cities and regions. Local search marketing is a discipline all its own. Traffic works with clients to target geographies, putting the tools and content in place to ensure high rankings in local search results.


Linkbuilding has changed enormously over the last few years, thanks to Google’s Penguin updates. Even so, it remains a vital part of the mix to ensure website performance.

What’s changed the most? It’s not the site with the most links that wins, but the site with the best. Boosting Domain Authority is essential to making sure your site has the power to outrank your competitors across the board, from topic to topic, keyword phrase to keyword phrase. To strengthen Domain Authority, we look for the most valuable backlinks, with a focus on quality over quantity. Through research and careful identification of authoritative sites, we target high-value linking opportunities. In addition, we understand how linkbuilding has become multi-disciplinary, and intersects with PR, or earned media coverage, and original content publishing. Both help to generate organic, high-value links through credibility-enhancing news coverage and natural social media sharing.

In today’s competitive online marketing environment, SEO doesn’t sleep. Following the old rules, or taking a “set it and forget it” approach, will lead to your site remaining invisible to future customers. Work with Traffic to build the kind of lead-generating website presence your business needs.