The remarkable thing about social media

is not how many companies do it but how

few companies do it effectively.

St. Louis social media agency

All of the brands that perform well using social media implement tactics that are backed by a strategic social vision. We understand that developing that vision requires Listening and Intelligence Gathering, Original Content and Active Engagement.

The Importance of Listening to Craft a Social Media Strategy

Before you utter a single word in social media, you need to put a firm ear to the ground to listen to the conversations taking place. Where are the conversations happening about your company, your marketplace and your industry? What’s driving those conversations, and what are the key topics and hot buttons where your company can potentially engage people?

Doing social media marketing effectively means identifying the communities and key influencers in your industry, paying attention to what they talk about, and determining what you can bring to the conversation. That’s the first step in creating a strategy — how you approach this stage can make or break your success in social media.

After listening to and gathering intelligence about your target market, our team creates a strategy that governs your approach to social media. Your social media strategy is customized for your business and includes (at a minimum) an outline of what you’re trying to achieve with social media, key topics and trends, influential users, and ideas for creating and promoting original content.

The Importance of Original Content

When you think about what goes into most social content, a lot of it comes down to piggybacking on what other people or companies are doing or saying. And commentary is definitely the coin of social media. Talking about what other people, companies and brands are doing and creating is fine. But if you want to be an influencer, you need to roll your own.

Original content engages readers, increases traffic, helps drive search engine visibility, and promotes the likelihood of quality links from other sites. This is particularly important for smaller companies that can’t rely on the strength of their brand to drive traffic. Bringing something original to the table in the way of new ideas, stories and analysis is a surefire way to get potential customers and important audiences to pay attention.

Social Monitoring and Engagement

Listening doesn’t stop after crafting your social media marketing strategy.You need to keep listening to ensure that you can insert your brand into relevant social conversations. Everything you do in social media should respect how people are talking about your company, your market, your industry and the topics that matter most to your business. This requires consistently putting an ear to the ground.

Our team emphasizes diligent monitoring and listening to ensure our clients stay on top of conversations that matter about their brand and their marketplace.

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