Paid social media has emerged as a major

lead generation opportunity.

One of the most popular uses of social media advertising is community building and increasing your followers. However, social media ads can also be used to:

  • Fuel lead generation efforts
  • Increase mobile and desktop app downloads
  • Increase attention to giveaways and contests

Social media advertising puts you in front of customers where they live, without interrupting their routine, in a place they trust. Those are qualities few other forms of paid media can touch.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks all offer unique advertising platforms. How do you decide where to invest your social media advertising dollars?

Traffic helps clients develop a strategy that ensures their social advertising dollars are spent on the right network and reach the right people. All of the campaigns we create are tightly-targeted to garner the best possible results.

The Power of Relevant, Targeted Ads

Think about the last time you watched your favorite TV show. Did you spend time watching the commercials? Did you make a purchase decision based on what you saw during the two-minute commercial break? Or, if you’re like most consumers, did you simply hit “fast forward” on your DVR?

What if, instead, you saw an ad on Facebook, next to the content you see from friends? That’s the power of trust, and why social media advertising often excels over other advertising methods.

Social ads also give you the power of targeting, with the ability to drill down to locate potential customers based on interests, age, job title, location, income and more. Essentially, you are “cherry picking” the perfect prospect and presenting them with a relevant offer based on their current “social status” and information they’ve openly shared with the online community.

Social media ads put your message in a relevant context, and should be a part of your marketing mix with traditional (offline) advertising, paid search, search engine optimization, and other tactics.

Ready to reach a lot more of the kind of people you want to connect with? Talk to Traffic about social media advertising.