Social Media Conversations Travel at the

Speed of Light.

Social media can offer enormous promise for today’s marketers, but there is often a huge amount of “noise” on each major platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+). This makes it challenging to identify the influential companies and individuals to connect with, and to gather the intelligence needed to build effective social communities for your brand. Without the ability to monitor, sift and (most importantly) analyze this data, you may be missing out on a key part of what makes social media so effective – the conversations.

How do you know –

  • What content is relevant?
  • Who should you be engaging?
  • What trends can you identify from the “mess” of data?
  • Who can be an online advocate for your brand?
  • What are the latest industry trends?

That’s where social media listening – or what we call social intelligence – comes into play. Identifying specific groups of users or conversations to monitor is a challenge in itself, but it allows you to trim the fat and focus on what matters most in social media communities.

We help clients by slicing and dicing social media data into bite-sized actionable chunks. We utilize a variety of social media listening platforms to conduct a comprehensive data intake. We listen for key industry topics, trends, and conversations. We also monitor competitor activity as well as industry hashtags and keywords. This all comes back to you in an action report that takes the guesswork out of social and helps you and your team focus on what you do best – getting social and engaging with your customers.

Are you ready to get smart about your social media efforts? Are you ready to make sure you that you are talking to the right people at the right time on the right network?

Reach out to us and we’ll give you a customized quote for helping you navigate the often-muddy social media waters.