• Launching a new product or service?
  • Building a business plan and guessing at conversion rate and price point?
  • Getting ready to spend money and time on a software product before you know if it will sell?

For a small or emerging business, it is hard to overstate the importance of successfully developing and launching new products. All too often, products go to market with little understanding of how users will receive them, what they will pay for them, and the overall chances of that product’s success.

TrafficPRM devised Traffic Product Testing with the belief that companies getting ready to launch a new product shouldn’t have to operate blindly. Traffic Product Testing helps companies understand the potential performance of a new product or service BEFORE it launches. It’s possible, and TrafficPRM can help.

Online marketing has created a lot of opportunities for startups to reach new audiences. Traffic works with startups, emerging companies and disruptive brands to develop testing programs that answer important business model questions. How do we do it? By utilizing the same traffic generation tactics that our clients use to drive their existing businesses.

In other words, we test products using the same channels we use to market products!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Program Prep: We’ll learn more about your startup, including launch timeline, customer demographic, the “problem” your startup solves, and immediate data needs.
  2. Landing Page: Working with our designer, we will craft a landing page to test the most important data points, such as pricing or product features. We’ll use existing brand assets (logo, color schemes, etc) to make the customer experience seamless.
  3. Testing Software: Traffic uses sophisticated software to execute testing programs. Our tools ensure each program runs long enough to ensure statistical significance and provide data that can be trusted.
  4. Inbound Marketing: While the landing page and testing software are implemented, our team builds a custom inbound marketing program for your product. The goal is to drive targeted, interested customers that will provide sound data to answer key questions.
  5. Program Management: Once ready, we push the “start” button on the marketing programs, and the Traffic team watches the test closely to ensure it proceeds as expected. If changes are necessary, we adjust the programs at no additional cost.
  6. Reporting: Once the testing program reaches statistical significance, we provide the data to make your business plan sound. We provide easy to understand reports investors and business owners can understand.

Ready to put some value behind your idea? Talk to Traffic.