PPC Marketing is more than buying

a bunch of keywords and throwing up ads.

Successful PPC strategies revolve around continual optimization. We never stop improving our clients’ results when it comes to search engine marketing.

Effective PPC programs begin with a thorough competitive analysis and deep dive into the customer psychology. It’s about understanding match types to decrease each cost per click and continually running split testing on ad and landing page copy to increase conversion rates.

Whether your PPC budget is hundreds of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, TrafficPRM can help increase your ROI and make PPC one of your most valuable marketing channels.

Our PPC services are geared towards companies doing paid search for the first time and optimizing paid campaigns that are already up and generating traffic:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Campaign Structure Development / Optimization
  • Keyword Build-Out
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Custom Landing Page Creation
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Ongoing Keyword Optimization

Receive a free audit of your current PPC activity or custom quote to develop a high performing strategy today.