Interactive Infographic Drives Pageviews

The Story

SpyderLynk is a leading mobile marketing and mobile activation provider whose flagship product is the patented SnapTag®. SnapTags allow brand marketers to turn their brand logo and other graphic assets into interactive 2D mobile barcodes. These barcodes can be placed on packaging, advertising, signage or screens. Consumers with smart or standard camera phones can scan SnapTags to instantly access exclusive offers, content and promotions.

SpyderLynk’s goal is to work with the top global brands and extend the reach of their marketing through mobile activation. With so much confusion and noise in mobile marketing, and in particular with negative perceptions about QR codes, SpyderLynk worked with Traffic to create a content-rich website to educate people about SnapTags, generate a significantly higher flow of inbound visitors and capture qualified prospects.

A key part of that effort was developing an infographic for the “SnapTag University” portion of the SpyderLynk website. Designed less for entertainment than as an education and sales enablement tool, the infographic highlighted the many benefits of SnapTags over QR codes in a compelling visual. A great example of interactive infographics, the featured SnapTags were “live” and allowed people to snap, send and receive a response on their devices.

Click here for the full infographic.

The Strategy

  • Create a detailed, information-rich asset for the new SpyderLynk website with SEO and the relevant buyer in mind
  • Develop a quick reference that illustrates SnapTags’ value over QR codes

The Effort

  • Worked closely with SpyderLynk marketing team to meticulously plan, wireframe and design an infographic that would have a long shelf life as part of the overall content strategy for and education-focused “SnapTag University” section on the site
  • Design execution was critical to ensure SnapTags published on the infographic actually worked when “snapped” by reader smartphones
  • Conducted in-depth research to gather statistics and data
  • Worked with PR team to place infographic with preferred bloggers and trade media
  • Infographic page on earned more than 1,000 monthly pageviews for the six months following publication
  • One of top 5 most visited site pages two years following launch
  • Generated positive online and trade media coverage

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