Marketing a Payments Innovator

The Story

The world of payments is changing fast, and as it set to debut a number of innovative new products, NorsePayments turned to Traffic. The challenge was to design a messaging platform and marketing base that would earn the attention of financial institutions and merchants barraged by an influx of new payment technologies — all with diverse claims and promises about capabilities, fees, fraud prevention and more.

The NorsePayments product suite delivered a number of groundbreaking innovations, including same-day notifications of chargebacks, the ability of merchants to integrate QuickBooks accounting with any form of payment processing, and fraud protection for merchants before, during and after the transaction. In addition, the NorsePayments payment gateway enabled merchants to accept almost any kind of payment through any major processor.

Time was of the essence. NorsePayments faced a busy Fall trade show schedule and had to be ready to go in weeks. The company worked with Traffic to quickly but effectively develop a complete marketing platform, starting with the messaging matrix and extending to websites and materials for all of its products.

The Strategy

  • Develop a bold and clear messaging platform to differentiate NorsePayments with key audiences that included financial institutions, ISO’s, merchants and developers
  • Create compelling brand and visual identities for each product in the NorsePayments product suite
  • Develop content strategy to illustrate the story of NorsePayments

The Effort


Download the Payment Product Diagram here


  • Established a messaging platform for the NorsePayments brand and product portfolio
  • Quickly produced marketing materials, including websites and product sheets, for the sales team
  • Developed an infographic that effectively explained how the NorsePayments product suite worked
  • Earned trade media coverage that enhanced visibility and credibility

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