Annual Report Highlights a City’s Startup Mojo

The Story

The mission of Arch Grants, one of St. Louis’ most vital startup support organizations, is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. Arch Grants fulfills this mission by offering grants to startups from all over the world, in exchange for moving to St. Louis and building their company there.

Following three successful years of awarding grants to more than 30 companies, Arch Grants wanted to issue a “report to the community” that highlighted the overall success of the program (and its individual grantees) to the donors, influencers, companies and organizations that helped make Arch Grants possible. The purpose of the report also is to educate the wider public about the positive and transformative changes taking place in the region.

Arch Grants needed to show just how much it had accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. Traffic worked with Arch Grants to plan, design and create its first-ever annual report, “Building the Future Now.”

The Strategy

  • Tell the story of St. Louis’ emergence as a true startup city, with Arch Grants helping to inspire a movement of regional transformation
  • Educate and inspire regional influencers, including politicians, business leaders and the wider community

The Effort

  • Carefully planned the publication to tell the story in the most compelling way possible
  • Developed a clear, vibrant design style that was simple yet bold
  • Took care to craft a story about Arch Grants that is about galvanizing an entire region, not just the business community
  • Serves as the primary marketing asset for Arch Grants
  • Provided to all donors and supporting institutions
  • The Report plays a role in every presentation for Arch Grants, whether recruiting entrepreneurs or donors

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