Doing online marketing right starts with

creating the right plan.

online marketing assessment

Effective online marketing has lots of moving parts. Knowing which parts to use and how they should move is the first step.

Internet marketing is greater than the sum of its parts. Content, social media, SEO, email marketing. They all need to work together to effectively drive leads and sales. Where does a company begin?

By using research to create a customized blueprint.

Traffic conducts online marketing assessments that seek to answer strategic questions about a client’s marketplace, competitors, challenges and opportunities. It stems from a dedication to building the right knowledge and developing a clear understanding of a company or business before we start putting the program together. We recognize that clients’ marketing budgets are a critical investment in the future of their business. With time and money at stake, we don’t rely on guesswork or intuition to chart the proper marketing plan. We take a ground-up approach, evaluating every potential aspect of online marketing before we get to work.

How does a company drive leads? What kinds of content are most effective for a business? Is your website truly performing? These are just some of the questions that our assessments seek to answer:

Content Marketing Strategy
  • How do I create the kind of content that will capture potential customers?
  • How can we consistently develop and publish great content?
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media
Lead Generation

The Traffic team includes veterans with years of experience creating strategic marketing plans for some of the most successful brands in the world. You can rely on us to chart the right pathway for your business.