Quality Links, Not Quantity

What’s changed the most when it comes to SEO? It used to be that the site with the most links won. Today, it’s the site with the best.

Boosting Domain Authority is essential to making sure your site has the power to outrank your competitors across the board, from topic to topic, keyword phrase to keyword phrase. To strengthen Domain Authority, we look for the most valuable backlinks, with a focus on quality over quantity. Through research and careful identification of authoritative sites, we target high-value linking opportunities.

What do high-value links look like? By and large, they reflect Google’s emphasis on naturally derived or “earned” links that come about by publishing desirable content.


We understand how linkbuilding has become multi-disciplinary, and intersects with PR, or earned media coverage, and original content publishing. Both help to generate organic, high-value links through credibility-enhancing news coverage and natural social media sharing.