Do you know what makes your buyers “tick?”


There are two key challenges that business owners face when it comes to marketing their business and determining the viability of their offer: Limited marketing budget (money) and a small runway for results (time). We get it.

When you contact an Internet marketing agency to help you promote your product or service, you’re often presented with a comprehensive plan and budget. It’s safe to assume that a lot of thought and research went into preparing that customized proposal. Usually, though, that research isn’t based specifically on what turns your prospects into customers — especially if the agency isn’t familiar enough with your business, past website traffic trends, and customer behavior.

That’s where Lead Validation comes in. Lead Validation gives you the opportunity to test your “offer” or “lead magnet” to see what works. It also can help to provide direction for search engine optimization efforts that often take longer to achieve results.

Let’s say, for example, that you run an online store that sells women’s shoes. You aren’t quite sure what products would interest your customers most, and you’re not sure where to invest your marketing dollars. If you could test not only the popularity of particular products or product categories (which can be derived from keyword research) but also the creative and messages that drive key behaviors (such as purchases, leads, etc) on your site, your Internet marketing dollars can go a whole lot further. That’s powerful intelligence.

Lead Validation can determine the “sweet spot” for just about any product or service, from consumer products to mobile apps to enterprise software to high-end construction equipment. And it can help to confirm or modify overall marketing assumptions and plans.

How do we do it? We tap the power of both social and paid search engine or pay-per-click advertising to reach the right people who are looking for the product, service, or solution you offer. We test marketing messages, we test landing page copy, and most importantly we test the “sell” for individual products and service offerings to gauge their potential. All to locate the “sweet spot” of your target market.

What happens with the results we gather? We take action and refine, refine, refine. The Lead Validation program may change quickly so not to exhaust valuable marketing dollars on ads that aren’t getting the desired results. We keep a constant pulse on the performance of your landing pages, ads, and conversions. And we use the data to inform organic website optimization strategy.

Make your marketing budget work harder for you. Contact us about Lead Validation today!