Email is one of the most important tactics

in the B2B marketer’s toolkit.

Email marketing keeps you front and center with customers and prospects. While content marketing, blogging, social media and SEO lead your marketing efforts, email provides the vital follow-through and lead nurturing tool to get people to move and bring sales across the line.

TrafficPRM helps clients devise the right approach and the right content for email marketing, always trying to answer the question: How do you make sure customers and prospects look forward to seeing your content in their inbox, instead of just hitting the “delete” button?

Simple but Relevant

In developing an effective email marketing platform, Traffic is attentive to shrinking attention spans. People are constantly bombarded with marketing messages and demands on their attention, including a lot of email. Why should they want to open yours?

Our philosophy is that less is more. Brands that get email right know how to put a compelling message or story into a succinct but well-designed format. We focus on developing email newsletters and email campaigns that are easy to digest but no less compelling.

Are folks opening your emails and clicking your links? It’s one thing to send out email. It’s another to make sure that your email performs.

Email for Lead Nurturing and Product Marketing

Once you capture a lead, what do you do with them? Do they simply sit in a CRM database, forgotten? Any salesperson will tell you that letting a prospect or lead go cold is a sure way to lose them. Email is ideal for companies to stay top of mind, especially when a potential buyer is not ready to pull the trigger. A strategic and well thought-out email campaign can put a product or service in front of the right person at the right time.

Email also is an important way to support new product introductions, serving as an important ongoing touchpoint to drive sales conversions. Utilize email to bring home how unique and valuable your product or service is.

Email Marketing Services

TrafficPRM helps clients create effective email marketing strategies and campaigns. As with other marketing channels, different companies will require different kinds of email in differing quantities. Traffic maps out a plan to effectively execute:

  • Drip Marketing and Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Email Reporting and Analytics
  • Email Newsletter Management – Design, Copywriting, Development