How can we help you?

Traffic’s Internet marketing professionals can serve as a virtual extension of your marketing team, providing strategy and execution based on your needs.

Every business has marketing challenges it needs to solve. But we know many companies are not yet ready to build out a full marketing team because of time or resources. That’s where Digital CMO can step in and step up your ongoing marketing efforts. You can engage the Traffic marketing team based on the needs and priorities of your business, at a strategic level, providing guidance and counsel, and/or helping with actual implementation. Our job is to offer the guidance and support you need.

Rely on your Digital CMO team to manage content and content strategy, training, and most importantly, website performance.

There are a variety of ways that Digital CMO can help you. Here are just a few of the possibilities for blending our team with yours:

Content Consulting and Optimization (including Blogging)

Traffic can help create and maintain content strategy for SEO:

  • Develop an effective and unique content strategy to drive site traffic and engagement
  • Manage an editorial calendar for ongoing content publishing
  • Make recommendations on content, and ensure that content is optimized for search
  • Review original content/drafts provided to us by clients for keyword placement and social-readiness, and provide edited text in markup back to the client to upload

Authority Building (Linkbuilding)

  • Implement ongoing link building, targeting only high-quality links (1-3 per month)
  • Improve Domain Authority and grow search engine visibility

Site Visibility Management

  • Make sure that client websites align with SEO best practices – resolve optimization issues as needed, including development and structural fixes
  • Quarterly keyword research to stay on top of emerging trends and opportunities

Analytics Advisor

  • Identify goals and desired performance metrics for the site
  • Provide a monthly activity report that analyzes website performance and engagement

Social Media Strategy

  • Review social media activity and make recommendations based on elevating engagement
  • Advise staff on social media strategy and ongoing social media activity


Provide training in the areas of:

  • Email marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • Social media management
  • and more!

Technical Site Assistance (as needed)

  • Monitor client websites to ensure consistent uptime and performance
  • Investigate any website issues that arise related to hosting or other technical concerns, as needed


Make the Digital CMO part of your strategic marketing team!