Find Your Position to Achieve Content Marketing Nirvana

June 10th, 2015 by

Do you know the thread that holds your content together?

Knowing and appreciating that thread is the difference between sitting atop a mountain versus just building a magnet.

Let me explain.

Recently, we hosted a webinar about the importance of positioning for content marketers. The title, “The Kama Sutra of Marketing,” has less to do with getting clicks — although we did get that — and more to do with the actual meaning of a phrase that has so captivated the Western mind.

“Sutra” literally means a line or thread that holds things together. In the Kama Sutra, that line is sex. In this case, the thread we’re referring to is the position you choose to occupy in your market — the point from which all of your content should flow. This position could be a brand position, as it means in traditional marketing. It also could be an industry category, or sub-category. It could be an idea. It could be an issue or trend.

Whatever it is, your position comes down to this:

What can you own? What is it that nobody else is talking about, and how can you effectively identify your brand with this category / sub-category / idea / trend / issue?

As we tell our clients, “Find the gap… and own it!”

Classic brands use positioning to “own” whole categories (think of Heinz and ketchup, Kleenex and tissue). Modern brands like Hubspot (inbound marketing) and Salesforce (CRM) have done the same thing.

And that’s where the idea of getting to the mountain top — and achieving marketing nirvana — comes in. By consistently and frequently reinforcing whatever thing you are trying to “own” through content, you can seize a leadership position that produces long-term positive brand awareness and results… not just an inbound lead generation machine, or magnet.

Content Marketing Strategy Nirvana

Don’t panic. Creating a content marketing strategy — and its corresponding editorial calendar — without knowing your company’s position is more the rule than the exception. Positioning is a concept well known to brand marketers but less so to content marketing types. Part of this has to do with the relative experience and backgrounds of those carrying the content marketing banner (meaning less traditional marketing experience), as well as the obvious reason that content marketing, especially in the B2B realm, is regarded more as a lead generation activity.

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