5 Make It or Break It Questions That Will Help You Reach More Buyers with Original Content

April 7th, 2015 by

Let’s get right to it… we’ve talked a lot about positioning and intelligence gathering for content marketing, but to boil it down, there are five critical questions you must answer before you can begin crafting an effective content marketing strategy.

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

Call it the new 5Ws. Content marketing is deeply rooted in information gathering, so the same principles apply here. The goal is to drill down on the specifics of your content effort and develop a laser-focused approach to creating and promoting your content. The gap is widening between companies that simply create content versus those that are create winning content. This is what separates the leaders from the wannabes. The women from the girls. The men from the boys. And so on…

We’ve slightly adjusted the order of the ‘traditional’ 5Ws to apply them to the development of a content marketing strategy: who, why, what, when, where. Here’s what the process looks like:

Who is your target audience?

Target Market Means Aiming Strategy At ConsumersIn sales one of the key things that you are taught is to match your message to the person you are hoping to sell. If they speak quickly, so should you. If they speak slowly, so should you. If they use informal language, so should you. And so on…

Content marketing is no different. You are matching your message to the interests/language of your potential buyer (target audience) – focus on not only roles and titles, but the psychographics and demographics.

Why are you doing it?

This is where you think about your goals for the content you are creating. This is an important step, so don’t skip it. You need to define why you are doing this. Are you wanting to generate leads? Increase overall demand for your products and services? Position yourself and/or your company as a thought leader? Drive leads down the sales funnel? Your answer will determine the kind of content you create. You have to be clear about your end goal to get off on the right foot.

What expertise or knowledge do you have that will be of use to your target audience?

The content you create should strive  to educate, inform and guide. It should have a purpose beyond selling. When it comes to intelligent content marketing, content should be educational in nature. More often than not, you will be creating content that will clue buyers in on “special” knowledge that will increase their desire for the solution you offer.

When do you want to convey this message?

When will you publish what you’ve written? Will this be timed to coincide with some other major event or release in your company or industry? While the ‘when’ is the second to last step in the information gathering process, that doesn’t mean it’s less important. Appropriate timing is critical to the success of this effort.

Where will you convey and promote the message?

Social Media Signpost Shows Information Support And CommunicationJust because you publish it doesn’t mean people will consume it, or even find it. You need to develop a plan for where and how you will promote your content. Will you share it to social media? Which networks? Will you advertise on paid platforms (social, search, content distribution, etc.)? The muscles you flex in promoting your content are just as important as the quality of the content you create.

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