Making sure your content finds the right

person at the right time is a necessity.

Content Marketing Strategy

Think like a publisher. In a web-centric world, content marketing must be a part of your marketing strategy. The diminishment of traditional marketing channels, especially professional third-party media, has led to a need for companies and organizations to harness the web and social media to market their products and get their message out in new ways.

Content marketing means developing content that is interesting, relevant and useful, especially for those who may be in the market for your products and services. It can take the form of blog posts, articles, eBooks, slide presentations and video. By addressing the challenges, issues or trends that prospects and customers are most interested in, content marketing makes a brand’s content more useful and engaging. It also provides context to the products and services that a brand offers.

Marketers have different points of view about content marketing. It’s really all about the customer. This is TrafficPRM’s definition of content marketing:

Content marketing is the art of giving prospects and customers something useful, something that educates and informs, and something that can entertain – all at the same time. It is content aimed at a specific audience, with a specific outcome (i.e., sale, loyalty, lead nurturing) in mind.

The biggest distinction between content marketing and traditional marketing is that true content marketing creates content people find interesting and want to read, watch or listen to. It does not force a message on them. And it can do a better job of selling the brand, product or service than traditional marketing material.

The problem is that old habits are hard to break. The collective instinct of business is to reach for the tried and true, such as traditional advertising and cold calls, and for channels where the brand controls the message. Content marketing requires a new approach and a dedication to creative thinking that aligns with business strategy.

TrafficPRM helps clients devise content marketing strategies and assets that are designed to deliver high-quality content that builds clients’ brands and grows their business.

Why Content Marketing?

Using the Internet to find what we want is second nature to most of us. What’s the best handheld vacuum cleaner? Do I have the symptoms of a particular illness? What is the best time of year to buy a house? For business users, the queries can be more sophisticated. Buyers of enterprise business software, for instance, may go through several stages of the buying process to make sure they are buying from credible vendors and that the product will meet operational needs.


Content marketing can have a big impact on lead generation and the success of marketing efforts.

Consistent blogging boosts marketing ROI, and the more frequently a company blogs, the better that ROI. (2013 State of Inbound Marketing, Hubspot)

Content creation ranks as the single best SEO tactic for B2B marketing. (Marketing Research Chart: Most Effective SEO Tactics, MarketingSherpa)

You can bet that your competitors are investing in content creation. Nearly half of all U.S. companies have a formal content marketing strategy in place (IMN), and more are planning to implement one.

Consider that in 2012, B2B marketers spent approximately 33 percent of their marketing budget on content marketing. And for 2013, 54% of B2B marketers were planning on increasing their content marketing budget. (CMI and MarketingProfs, B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America)

Content Marketing Examples

TrafficPRM has helped clients develop a range of content marketing assets:

We worked with a mobile marketing platform, designed for use by major brands and marketing agencies, to develop an infographic that explored the advantages of their platform over QR codes.

We worked with a health services company, which provides pediatric therapy and in home care, to develop a blog that offers useful information on a variety of personal and family health issues.

We worked with an online butcher shop to craft a buying guide that helps shoppers understand cuts of meat and the type of cut they want.

We worked with an automotive news and research site to create compelling videos around new model introductions at the major international auto shows.

Content Marketing Strategy

Quality content lies at the heart of nearly every client program that TrafficPRM works on, from search marketing programs to PR campaigns. Developing a content marketing strategy that satisfies overall client strategy and business objectives is the first step. Before we put pen to paper or begin developing any creative, we help clients answer the following questions:

Who are you trying to sell to?
Successful content marketing means developing blog posts, videos or articles for those who will find them most useful. Traffic works by focusing on the buyer persona or typical prospect of a client. What are their pain points, and what kind of information do they need to do their jobs more effectively?

What kind of expertise can you offer?
This is perhaps the most important factor in content marketing: using your inherent knowledge base and experience to distill the learnings, best practices and opinions that will appeal to prospects, build trust and ultimately win them over to your product or solution.

What existing content assets do you have?
Most companies have developed some kind of marketing base. Oftentimes content such as articles and presentations can be repurposed into content for the Web. We always try to work with what you’ve got and build on past efforts.

What content channels make the most sense?
The content we help clients create takes into account the channels they will be delivered on. Should the content be text-based? Should there be “how to” video? What about an eBook or infographic? Besides the big channels of Facebook and Twitter, social media networks such as Slideshare have become important sources of information and education for businesses seeking solutions.

How can you create content on an ongoing basis?
The biggest challenge for most if not all organizations is not only having a content strategy, but being able to effectively execute it. Consistency is as important as originality. The planning and cultivation of internal content development teams is a focal point of Traffic-led programs.

Content Marketing Services

TrafficPRM helps clients create content that gets attention and generates leads. We brainstorm, plan and help to develop the editorial calendar that governs an effective and consistent content marketing effort. And we help create quality content that goes beyond “checking the box” and truly connects with your desired audience:

  • Blog Development
  • Blog Writing
  • Articles
  • Original Videos
  • E-Books and White Papers
  • Infographic Design & Development
  • Website Copy